Kastaş has one of the largest product programs in the world with hydraulic and pneumatic sealing elements
with over 15,000 different sizes in over 100 standard designs.

In addition to rod seals, piston seals, wipers, guiding elements, static seals, o-rings used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, especially in construction machinery, agricultural equipment, mobile hydraulics, industrial, mining and metal processing; Kastaş develops special sealing solutions for many special applications.

You can use the search engine below to find KASTAŞ equivalents of sealing products produced by different brands and to examine them in detail.

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Smart Seal Custom-made Machined Seals

SmartSeal is a production technology that responds to the urgent and special needs of customers on a 24-hour basis, where more than 100 standards as well as unlimited number of special design seals are produced with CNC processing technology in minutes from special materials comprising of different raw materials on modern benches within Kastaş.

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