More than 40 years of experience in fluid power sealing industry with its experienced Application Engineering team in R&D, Kastaş provides high performance sealing solutions needed by its customers in thousands of different application areas in different sectors.

A new customer project from scratch or a modernization project of a current system; our experienced Application Engineering Team conducts detailed analysis of the system and customer requirements, design and propose seals that would perform at its highest which are validated in Finite Elements Analysis and test-benches as well as sharing experience on media compatibility and counter-running surfaces.

By carrying out product design, material development, presentation of sealing solutions, sampling and prototyping, testing and simulations and industrialization steps under one roof within the scope of the project, Kastaş ensures the most suitable solution for customer expectations  as soon as possible.

Kastas application engineering


Sealing elements and auxiliary elements work as a team in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. For this reason, besides the main sealing element, other parts (guiding, wipers, static sealing elements, etc.) have a great importance in system performance.

Product configurations that will offer the best solution for the application are created by working together on the existing designs or new projects of our customers.

Technical drawings of product housings are created in detail and sealing elements specially designed with 3D and 2D files


Sealing elements are demanded in many different sectors and different applications with sector-specific expectations. According to demands, high performance products that can work with high temperature and pressure, speed and different fluid types are designed and produced.

At the same time, the raw materials that will give the best results for these products are developed, tested and produced within Kastaş.

Kastas application engineering
Kastas application engineering


Design, product development and maintenance engineers aim for high-level performance in their existing or new machines.For this purpose, newly developed materials and design technologies in sealing elements, sealing solutions in similar applications, information about the places of use of sealing elements that will affect performance, training studies and workshops can be carried out by Kastaş engineers.

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