Hydraulic presses are employed in challenging applications within a wide range of equipment with unique performance expectations, such as metal shaping and preforming, scrapping, as well as paper and building industry.

Owing to our application experience in this segment, Kastaş Sealing Technologies is the approved supplier of many global press manufacturers and users and offers industry- and application-specific solutions.


Hydraulic presses are complex structures comprising of many cylinders required to work precisely under a variety of operating conditions, and thus require reliable sealing solutions delicately configured according to the specific needs of each application. Kastaş Sealing Technologies offers a complete range of sealing designs and advanced materials characterized by extrusion and abrasion resistance, as well as low friction, while ensuring media compatibility and perfect static and dynamic sealing performance.  

Cold Metal Processing
Press Brake
   Extrusion Presses
Hot Metal Processing
Forging Presses and Hammers
Scrap Industry
Scrap Shears and Presses
Building Industry
Ceramic and Brick Presses
Paper Processing
Bailing Presses

Sealing Solutions for
Hydraulic Press Construction

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